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rights & responsabilities

I'm doing a report for school about the rights & responsabilities of hunters in MN.
Can anyone tell me what they think they are?

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rights & responsabilities

Hi Blackfoxx5,

Please try asking your question in the "Anything Goes" forum or perhaps even the "Politics" forum. More people will see your request for help.

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rights & responsabilities

Well I usually don't wander into the midwest forum.... but here is my 2 cents Blackfox.

Hunting is a right but it can be taken away if it is abused. That is to say that a person has a right to harvest their own meat as long as it is done by the law. If you break the law, then your right to hunt can be taken away.

Some hunter responsibilities:

- Safety. A hunter should be sure they know what is in their crosshairs before firing.

- To try making clean kills on the game they go after. This means practicing in the off-season.

Good luck with your report!

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rights & responsabilities

Hunters have the responsibility to make a clean kill, respect the property and the desire of the landowner. We have the responsibility to make safe decisions. Not to take shots that would endanger any livestock or anyone's home. We should make every effort to legally recover our game. As far as rights go, we do have that. however we as a society have set a standard that if isn't met can cause someone to loose their right to hunt. Things like tresspassing, shooting game in a populated area, or destruction of livestock or property along with other offenses which are all typically safety related. Here in KY we had a guy shoot a 3 legged 8point in a SUBDIVISION with a highpowered rifle. Needless to say, HIS right to hunt was revoked for, I think 20 years. And if he does any hunting(or poaching ) in that time period, he's done for life.

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