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Rifled .44 mag on whitetail

Has anyone ever taken a deer with rifle chambered in .44 mag. I notice that they sell .44mag single shot

I have a .44mag pistol w/ a 6 1/2in barrel that I wanted to hunt with using win platinum hollow points but I never have.

Anyway I was curious of the results of a whitetail taken with a .44mag. I know its possible.

How accurate?

How much damage?

How far did deer run off?

How deadly?

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Rifled .44 mag on whitetail

Wife's grandfather had one in semi-auto with a red dot - swore it was the best "bush gun" he ever used as long as hunting conditions dictated shots most accurately measured in feet not yards.

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Rifled .44 mag on whitetail

I agree with Saske - you better be close to Bow Hunting Range.

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Rifled .44 mag on whitetail

A friend hunts with a Ruger .44 mag rifle. It just like a 10/22 but it's a .44 mag. Just keep close shots.

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