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rifle for lady, M7 or Ruger Compact? Trades?

Howdy Gents and Gals,

I am interested in finding out information. My wife has come around to shooting, and I am looking for a rifle for her. I mention looking for a rifle for my daugter and son to shoot in a few years, and she said she wanted to get the first crack at shooting a rifle lol

My wife is on the smallish side, weighting 118 lbs dripping wet, and standing 5-7". As you know, this posses a dilemma, finding the right combination of rifle and caliber so she can enjoy shooting it. Cannot be TOO heavy or too long.

I've done some research, and see a M7 or Compact working well for her, and would like rifle to be in these calibers: 7mm-08, 260, or 308. I would like input on recoil in these calibers, in your compact or M7 rifle. I will also consider a ADL, if someone has had it cut shoter and maybe the barrel cut to 20" etc. Throw out your experience.

I am a lefty (wrong handed guy), so most of my rifles are the 30-06 and 270 flavor in Remmy. I got one Win M70 in 7mm. None of my rifles work for my wife, but I recently got a BDL in 243 and I firmly believe that is on the smallish side for whitetails. I have never shot a 7mm-08, 260, and 308 since I am a lefty. So your thoughts and experience count.

I received a rifle from a relative, and this is a Win M70 in 30-06 and am willing to trade this for a smaller fifle for a lady or child. I got other things to trade, like a Leupold scopes. Contact me with what you have to trade, or just offer your experience with a rifle for a lady/child. Big smile


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rifle for lady, M7 or Ruger Compact? Trades?

7mm-08 is a great round with little recoil. The Rem model 7 is a nice light / short gun.