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While doing seminars at the Game Fair Jeff Foiles's truck was broken into last night. The thieves made off with all 4 of Jeff's call lanyards and bands, 2 Benelli SBE II 12 Gauge Shotguns, Garmin GPS, Numerous video cameras and equipment. If anyone has any information on the dirt bags that did this please call the shop at 1.866.83GEESE. Jeff is offering a $5000 reward. Thanks.

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Who ever did that had some

Who ever did that had some guts. I don't think life insurence is cheap for thieves that rob hunters.

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dam hopfuly they get caught, hopfuly this dosent put a dampener on the new "fallin skys".

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Sorry to hear about his

Sorry to hear about his misfortune. Hopefully he has the serial #'s for the guns and gives them to the police so they can be returned if they are found or sold.

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Didn't the same thing happen

Didn't the same thing happen to him 3 years ago at the Denver Sportsmans show?

Can't remember for sure but I thought that was him too.

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Can't believe that would

Can't believe that would happen.  Sad thing is, it's probably some hunter who attended the show, and you know if the same thing happened to him, he'd be furious......

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What crap

man...what a bunch of crap!  People can be so ignorant at times.  If they ever catch the sob they should hang him up to dry.  I have no time for thieves...especially when it comes to my hunting gear.  If they stole my guns they better shoot me with them because if they don't they're gonna wish they had.

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ever since I was a kid, if I wanted something I just worked ,saved and got it. Never ever thought of   taking from others.Hope they get caught and banned from ever hunting also.

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