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Response from Primos regarding USO

To Whom It May Concern:

It has taken us a few days to sort through all the issues, rumors and hearsay revolving around the recent court ruling concerning the Elk draw in Arizona.

Primos has advertised its products on United States Outfitters’ TV show that airs on The Outdoor Channel and we have used USO’s licensing services as well as hired USO for its guide services in areas that we were unfamiliar with. Primos has been pleased with all services provided by USO.

As evidenced by your email, you have included Primos in your fight against USO. It was never our intention to take a position in this matter, but rather to let the courts decide what was equitable or not. That, of course, appears to have been misunderstood. With our use of USO’s products, Primos has been included in a fight we did not ask for and do not desire to be a part of.

All of us at Primos are first and foremost for the Elk and the places they call home. We do not want to do anything or be a part of anything that takes away from that.

At this time, we have decided that in order to support elk, the other wildlife of Arizona, and the places they call home, we should withdraw USO’s TV show from our list of sponsorships.

We thank you for your input. This has not been an easy decision to reach but after much prayer and thought our decision is based solely on what we feel is best for the Elk and the Elk hunting community.


Will Primos
President, Primos Hunting Calls