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Response from The Outdoor Channel regarding USO

Dear friends and viewers,

Recently there has been a court ruling that affects the issuance of big
game tags in Arizona. The Outdoor Channel has received a considerable
number of e-mails in which we are accused of "supporting" George Taulman
(and USO) or being an actual business partner of his. To be clear, The
Outdoor Channel DOES NOT "support" George Taulman or his company nor do
we condone his actions. We are not now nor have we ever been a business
partner of George Taulman or USO.

As with the many independent producers we deal with, he has contracted
with us to air his television program beginning this October. This is a
legal and binding contract. When we entered into this contract last
spring, we were not aware of his pending court action.

Therefore, we have requested that our legal counsel conduct a review of
our contractual obligations to Mr. Taulman.

Best regards,

Jake Hartwick
Executive Vice President
The Outdoor Channel

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