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Republicans Take The House

It looks like we more than took it... sounds like we got a lot more seats than we thought we would. If only we could nail down the senate.

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Well, they couldn't get the

Well, they couldn't get the Senate, but I think that could help in the long run.  The Republicans in the house will send up bill after bill, and the Dem Senate must decide if they are going to pass them or shoot them down.  If they shoot them down, it will let the republicans in 2012 say that they tried time after time to turn things around, and were stonewalled by the Dems.  That won't win over any of the voters they lost.  Not to mention, the Senate seats that are up in 2012 are from big time Red states, so they will be primed for a Republican run.  Also, if the Dems do reluctantly pass a bill proposed by the Rep's, then Obama will be very hard pressed to Veto it.  He could anger some of his own base, but at the same time, not be as bad as if he also tried to stonewall.

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