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A Report Card for Your Car

The government proposed labeling each new passenger vehicle with a letter grade from A to D based on its fuel efficiency and emissions, part of a broader effort by the Obama administration to promote electric cars and other advanced-technology vehicles.


Some notes:

- Its not really "A", "B", "C", "D". Its A+, A-, etc, No F. Too politically correct to give an F, but they can hand out an A+. Why not just shift this scale to include "F" and not have an "A+", well because in our happy world there are no F's for failure.... not even cars.

- Of course the only cars that get an "A" are electrics or hybrids. Maybe they'll get an A++ if they have an Obama "O" on it as well.

- The EPA says it can't include "net emmissions" when grading an electric. In other words the amount of CO2 produced at the electric plant to make those happy electronics for the clean A+ electric car. UHHH... Right... the same EPA that was considering the ability to ban lead bullets is soooo wrapped up in legal handcuffs it can't include coal fired CO2 emissions in that A+ rating.  So the A+ rating really isn't based in science anyway.

- Apparently all of those involved in this standard figure that Joe Sixpack is too stupid to realize that 35mpg is better than 25mpg.  But yet he is bright enough to realize that an "A+" is not a government stamp of approval or recommendation.  Confused

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I wonder

It really makes me wonder just how efficient and environmentally sound it really is to scrap and recycle inefficient products everyday 365 days a year and offer newer more effcient products that are so-called greener.  I think the industry has a different meaning for Green ($$$$) if you ask me and their definition has nothing to do with environmental cleanliness $$$$$.  Get my drift?

Think about it.  We create a big carbon footprint, use more energy, and create lots of emmisions just by having to recycle the things that we do.  I'm talking about Billions of tons of so-called inefficient products that are scrapped or recycled every day.  Then we have to make another larger carbon footprint and use more energy just to make and offer more so-called efficient and greener products.  Every year we are told that we need to get rid of our current products in favor of more so-called better product solutions.  The government and most all these corporations who sell us this stuff have been using this whole green-earth-friendly thing as one big marketing ploy for them to make more $$GREEN$$ while making us think that we are being more green. Going green is the biggest sales-pitch of the century if you ask me.  Can we say SCAM!!  A perfect examples are Spiral light bulbs and E85 corn ethanol fuel.  Those efficient light bulbs are more expensive and contain mercury so they are not very earth friendly to dispose of.  E85 corn ethanol burns hotter and faster than regular unleaded gasoline, creating a hotter engine.  You also use more of it per mile.  It may be less expensive to buy for know, but how cheap is it really when you end up burning more of it faster?

I think society was much more truely green in the days prior to WWII.  Most Americans back then bought durable goods and got as much use out of them as they could, then repaired them and put them back into use again.  We're such a disposable society today.  And something tells me that an electric vehicle just would not have the horsepower or carrying capacity to accomdiate my needs.  No need to buy a new vehicle every few years just because.  No thanks!  I'll stick with my Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew for my needs and keep it maintained in proper working order myself, just like I do with all my vehicles.  I'll continue to use things until they are no longer serviceable. I'll continue to support the American manufacturing worker and buy quality USA made products so that we don't have to import hazardous tainted products from China. I'll continue to suppliment my grocery bill with plenty of organic meat from fish and wild game that I harvest myself.  Hows all that for being green. Applause

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