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Remingtons New Mauser Action (imported of course)

Hi Everyone,
New for 2006 Remington is offering the model 798, a mauser actioned rifle. Anyone here handled any of these rifles or bought one?

At first I was excited, but that turned to some grief when I found out that the action is actually made by Zastava of Serbia and imported by Remington. However I have heard many great things about this action. I'm just sad that with the demise of USRAC there are too few U.S. manufacturers of tis type of production action, Ruger being the one of the last few, if not the last one.

While I hate to predict the future, but I can see where recent trends lead to. First Remington becomes an importer of Russian made Bakail shotguns, then they start importing a mauser action rather than manufacture one in house. Hmmm Think how long will it be before Remington is stricktly an importer of foreign made firearms and no longer a U.S. manufacturer of firearms??

Maybe I'm just too old fashioned and cynicle. I'm by no means blasting foreign made firearms. In fact, sad to say that some of those imports are better made than the American variety. It's just that this counrty is nearly to the point where we are an out-sourcer of labor and and importer of too many things. Don't forget that there is too much foreign ownership of American companies too.

Maybe this isn't the right place to post stuff like this, but what ever happened to good old American craftsmanship?

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Remingtons New Mauser Action (imported of course)

The original mauser were imported too. ;-)

On a serious note, I'm not too concerned about american firearms manufactures. Civilians and the military support a wide variety of u.s. arms makers; big and small.

American arms manufactures just need to keep the quality up and make the price reasonable. Reasonable is a fairly loose terms, consumers have shown over and over they are willing to pay a premium for quality.

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Remingtons New Mauser Action (imported of course)

IMO, the 798 rifles are a vast improvement over anything Remington has come up with in the last 30 years. I agree that the loss of American manufacturors is not good, but till they come up with a lot better quality control, instead of building crap, that has to go back to the factory 90% of the time before you can safely use it. This is by order of the BEAN COUNTERS who have taken over the research& developememt departments, and know nothing about firearms at all. This started going south way back in 1964 when all the American companies started building the Push feed crap, and told the buyers that they were doing them a favor. BS like the so-called "THREE RINGS OF STEEL" is the smoke for CHEAP TO MAKE, and most of the public bought it.

The action the new 798 is built on is a FN Mauser, built on FN machinery, bought from FN, and moved to Serbia. Even the drill&tap for scope mounts are listed as FN Mauser. This is the same action, made by CRNENA ZESTAVA, of Belgrade, ugoslavia(now Serbia) that the Whitworth African Express rifles are made on, and is far superior to the 700 action, or in fact, any push feed action. These are full length actions, so can be chambered for things like 375H&H, 458 Win Mag, and 458LOTT, as well as small cartridges like 30-06, and is a CRF action.

The problem will come from Remington's Bean Counters, who will not want to pay for proper finishing, and will religate this rifle to Wally World quality, IMO!

I agree this is a sad bag of chips, but I wonder what took so long in Remington's case! I hope I'm wrong, about the future Quality of the finished product in the 798 Remington, because the USA needs another gun company building rifles on the CRF design, invented by Paul Mauser in 1898, and one nobody has improved yet!. Think

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