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Remington R25 - Thoughts?

Hello Folks,

I need to go to the well one more time here on this forum!

You guys have great knowledge and I need to use a little more of it.

It is in the budget - at least one long gun this year.

I have long wanted an AR-15 style rifle and am looking at the R25 from Remington. It can be had in .308 and 7mm-08 - both very suitable for east coast deer hunting... I would probably opt for the 7mm-08.

It is not cheap, however.... it is about double the price of a decent bolt action rifle - around $1250 or so...

What are the thooughts on this forum about this rifle - pro's and con's, value received for $$ spent - that sort of thing?

I had a Mini-30 that I hunted with for a few years but the 7.62x39 is a fairly minimal cartridge, even for our small east coast deer. I had a couple of rounds that did not make it all the way through the deer and that was enough to scare me away from using it.

Please offer your candid thoughts - and I genuinely appreciate you folks help!




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Since remington bought

Since remington bought bushmaster, I suspect that the R15 and R25 are bushmaster rifles and marketed by remington.  If so, you will have an excellent rifle that is both accurate and reliable.  Looks cool too! Dancing

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This might be helpful. 

This might be helpful. 

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Not my cup of tea

I'm very much a traditionalist when it comes to hunting arms, so there's no appeal whatsoever to me. I have nothing against someone else hauling one around in the woods to hunt with, simply won't find me with one.

So this comment won't be misunderstood, I'll also add that I do enjoy hunting with other types of semi-auto rifles. I own several semi-autos and really enjoy carrying a Browning BAR or one of my old Winchester model 100s as my rifle of choice on a given day. The difference is merely cosmetic, I know that and quite obviously everyone has different tastes!  Yes

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I'm pretty traditional also.

I'm pretty traditional also. Haven't had anything other than bolts for a lot of years. Were I to get dizzy, I'd get a single shot! About your question's, I think the only one that can answer them is you. If you think it's a good value, then it is!

I think about the most expensive shotgun in the world is an English Purdy. For me thats an awfull bad value. One of the cheapest is a Stevens 311 SxS, that to me is a great value. I shoot AyA Matadors, also SxS's, cost more than the 311 but less than other AyA's. Not as good a value as the 311 but I sure look good carrying it! My favorite is my 28ga. Not as good a value as my 16 when buying shell's or a 20ga but, I like it! Field loads at $18 per box are overcome with a Mec 600Jr MKII. About the cost of 7 boxes of 28ga field loads, a good value!

I don't believe that gun's should be looked at in terms of value, in most cases. They are not like anything you can't live without so get what you want and be happy. If you don't like it, sell it and blow your money on something else!  That's what I do.

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