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Remington Corlokts-why does everyone trash them??

Oh yeah they kill deer. I used em for years in my 6.5x55, because it was all I could get. killed several deer.
I handload now, and I personally use Hornady Bullets.
Nothing whatsoever wrong with the Rem. bullet, though. The key is to find what your particular gun likes. Different guns like different ammo.


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Remington Corlokts-why does everyone trash them??

I haven't had much problem with corlokts myself, but the crappy brass cases that remington uses on some of their new cartridges does not inspire confidence. Note, I said some, not all. Some factory remington brass is as nice looking as any of the others.

Serious, if a brand new brass case looks crappy chances are good its remington. Not saying it doesn't work well, just that its not so pretty, perhaps this gives the impression that remington ammo is not of high quality.

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Remington Corlokts-why does everyone trash them??

Remington makes good ammo and they are the #1 selling brand, but their QC is slipping and accuracy can be inconsistent, as evidenced by the seating depth of their bullets that varied 3/32" on 5 boxes of 165-gr. 30-06 ammo recently purchased from Walmart.

Boxes were from the same lot number and the casings looked like they had a bad case of leprocy - too flakey for my liking.

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