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REM 700

I have been reading some threads in this forum and because they are old i will post a new one on this subject. Not to mention i dont want to SIDETRACK anyones thread

I bought a REM700 BDL SS 338WIN MAG , i think it was 1992...(THE GUN FROM HELL)

When i cycled the action in the gun shop (Dixons Guns Saskatoon SK) the bolt handle came off in my hand, the shop owners jaw dropped and i had a sh$#$t eatin grin on my face.
Long story short::: He sent the gun back to the factory and about 3 weeks later he called to see how they were making out with the rifle. He was told the rifle was not at the factory and that they had NO RECORD of it ever being there AND NO RECORD of them fixing it. Help!
Then one week later the rifle shows up back at the gun shop with a letter from remington that they had put the handle back on and set the headspace on the bolt. AND claimed the bolt handle came off from shooting excessively hot handloads lol The rifle had never left the store or fired a shot prior to me going to pick it up..(it was a special order by me)
When i took it too the range accuracy was not good at all so it was GONE

I lost a lot of respect for remington after that.

I guess thats why i'm shooting a SAKO TRG-S since then in 338WIN MAG

Just did'nt have much luck with the first one after ordering and customer service didnt seem to know what was going on when it got lost.

Thats my experience with them...

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Rem 700

Sorry to hear of your bad experience with your Rem 700.

I've only had 3 Rem 700's, and they've all worked just fine.

My first Rem 700 was a "plain Jane" ADL with Rem's plastic stock that I found in a pawn shop.  It was chambered in 7 mm Rem mag. 

I took it on my first hunt in South Africa where it worked flawlessly on 9 plains game animals.  I later used it on an Arctic hunt in Canada's Northwest Territories where it got me a B&C Musk ox and 2 Canadian Barren Ground caribou, with one qualifying for the B&C book.  I also used it for a Montana Pronghorn or two.

After hunting with that 700 ADL for a few years, I took it back to the pawn shop where I bought it and "upgraded" it to a stainless Rem 700 BDL, also in 7 mm Rem mag.  I decided that I'd probably keep this rifle, so I tinkered a bit with it so it better fit me and my standards.  I glass bedded the action and barrel channel and floated the barrel, added a spacer and a Limbsaver pad, and tuned the trigger.  It fits me and it shoots 160 gr Accubonds moa.

I took this rifle on another South Africa/Zimbabwe hunt for plains game, and it is my foul weather rifle for Montana deer and elk.

My third Rem 700 is also a stainless BDL chambered in .375 Rem Ultra mag.  I restocked it in a grey/grey/pink? laminate and the barrel channel and action is pillar and glass bedded with the barrel free floating, and cross bolts strengthening the stock around the action.  I also checkered the stock with my favorite pattern, installed a Limbsaver pad and put a mercury  recoil reducer in the stock.  And I had a KDF muzzle brake installed on it.

I've taken this rifle to Africa twice for a variety of Plains game and a Cape Buffalo (it's the rifle in my avatar).  It shoots both 270 and 300 gr TSX bullets moa, and the felt recoil isn't any more than a .300 Winchester.  I've even shot several African animals with it from prone positions without any recoil or other problems.

The only thing that I don't like about this rifle is that STUPID J-lock (which I could fix for about $100).



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I've had a number of 700's

I've had a number of 700's and have three right now. Also had several mod 600's and fout mod 788's, have one now. Have never had a problem with any other than a 700ADL in a plastic stock. Took a whole lot to get it to shoot, should have just got a new wood stock and been done with it. I did have a mod 7 the first year they came out. I could not make it shoot. A 223 that normally shot group's 3"+. I wrote Remington and they replied that the accuracy was within their standards. I haven't bought a new remington since then. The 700 ADL I have was a gift so I kept it around. Other than those two, I've never had a problem.


I should add that the bad rifle was not what turned me off, everyone lets one slip thru now and then. It was the Remington customer service.

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I have

A rem 700 adl wood stock 30-06, I got a real good deal on a few years ago. Like all my rifles I had it glass bedded, free floated, and the trigger taken to 2 1/2 pounds from about a six pound pull. I first shot inexpensive federal power shok 150 and 180 gr ammo thru it. Both of these consistently grouped in an inch at 100. Ive also reloaded 165 interbonds, accubonds, and nos ballistic tips which shot from 3/4 inch (nos bt's) to inch and inch and a half. With the 168 Berger Ive been consistent inch to just under and 2 1/2 inch at 300. Ive taken 1 elk and 3 antelope with this load and hope to get a muley buck under its belt this coming weekend as my 338's not ready. Ive been beyond happy with my remmy 700!

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service ?

Yes i was not impressed with the customer service at all, thats what turned me away.

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