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reloading scales

Ok. So I'm beginning the process of researching my reloading equipt. I've got a good idea of most of what I'll be purchasing except the scales. It's goin to have to be a balance beam scale. I'm sort of on a shoestring budget. I can't go all out yet and get EVERYTHING I want to get. Just the necessities for now.

So which balance beam scale is the most accurate. Because the ones on Midway aren't getting very good reviews.

And dumb question... Could I count the grains out myself? It's kinda funny to think about doing that... but...I see no point in buying a scale that doesn't give me an accurate reading!

I've read some other posts about scales from the BGH site and that just told me that noooobody would even think about counting each grain that went into a load.  But guys do measure low, trickle up, and remeasure, and measure again every few loads, and remeasure again.... uh,  which way would actually be faster anyway?

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Don't buy just individual

Don't buy just individual pieces one at a time but get a kit that is offered by one of the manufactures. RCBS, Hornady, Lee, Lyman, and a few others put out some great equipment and if you bought each piece by itself you would be out a lot more money than what the kit cost.

My personal preference is the RCBS Rock Chucker Kit http://www.midwayusa.com/product/937051/rcbs-rock-chucker-supreme-master... With it you get everything you need to start reloading except for the dies, shell holder, powder, bullets, primers, and cases. It includes their 505 reloading scale.

Now for counting the grains out by themselfes....That is impossible since a grain is a measurement of weight. When it first appeared it was the equivalent of one grain of wheat.

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Got to get some books! Glad you are asking questions even though you are scaring the heck out of me!! Like Critter said, Grains of powder is a weight Measurement and not an actual or individual grain of powder. You will learn there are several shapes and sizes of powder. Stick powder, Shperical, and ball powder etc. I use a self dispensing powder dispenser and it sends a laser to my digital scale. It is accurate and hard to screw up if you read the directions. If you do different size case necks for different ammo, you will need at least 2 sizes of funnels. Otherwise you will find powder down the side of your case and in your hand. Get the ones that fit. You are just starting out and case prep is just as critical as powder and bullet and 4 times longer. You might stick a case in the die and get it stuck and think what did I do? I have done it many times sadly. Thought I had plenty of case lube on the case! Obviously not the case!!! You do not want to much either as you will start to see some ripples in your case necks. These are things you will learn. Instead of asking someone why do I have ripples in my cases, you can read all this good stuff in many good reloading books. But never be afraid to ask. Safety is foremost!!!!

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Like what everybody else has already told you about the kit and the books. As far as scales go I like the 1010 style of beam scale. It has a roller for the partial grain adjustment and not the little piece of tin..... I've never used a digital scaleand have been leary to buy one as iI've heard of peole having problems. That of course was almost 10 years ago but none the less I remember the stories!!! Most kits come with most everything you will need. You will find some things work better than others. Case in point my dad like the lee hand primer tool. I hate it with a passion it hurts my hand and once I started reloading for my ultra mag it was too small. I like the RCBS priming tool with one exception, its a major pain in the ass to change shell holders....

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