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cost savings

you can get started reloading for about $150 to over $1000s, depending on the equipment and luxurys you want.
I've attached an Excel spreadsheet in Zipped format that will calculate the cost of reloading shown per round, per box, and per box after the cost of brass is left out since you can use the same brass over and over again for a while.

In the green cells, just enter "the price of the order of bullets and how many bullets are in that order"

In the yellow cells, enter "the order price and the amount of brass in that order"

In the grey cells, I entered $19.91 as a default for powder price per 1lbs and you can change that price for the powder you use as long as it is per pound. then enter the charge weight.

I factored in $0.02 per load for a primer.
my spread sheet will then calculate the 3 different costs I mentioned above, "per round, per box, and per box -brass"
anyone can do this, but I hope it is usefull to someone. So if you are wondering how much you can save, here is the answer.
you will save different amount depending on what ammunition you want to reload. some calibers cost a lot in stores, such as 45-70 or weatherbys, and some can be had for almost as cheap as you can reload for such as the 30-06

Ammo Cost Calculator.zip3.2 KB
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Is Reloading really worth it?

Saving money and satisfaction for me. Price a box of factory blackpowder cartridges for a 45-70. Last time I saw them was in the neighborhood of $30-40 a box. I'll usually run thru 50-100 at a sitting...would break me. Rolling my own...the cost is $11 a pound for powder and $15 for a 1000 primers. Cast my own bullets with free lead. Get 100 rounds out of a pound of powder. So it's quite a savings. Satisfaction...nothing like dropping a deer with your own load and bullet. Thumbs up

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Is Reloading really worth it?

Yes. I never reloaded until recently, but I bought a gun which now I have litle Choice. I bought a Sporterized 7.62x54R Russian Moisen Nagant. Man, Only three makers have ammo for this that is non corrosive, and they are always sold out. I had to learn to handload.

I use LEE, and they are good for the money.

You will enjoy it and get great satisfaction from it.


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