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reloading 30-30

Hi there....it's been awhile since I've checked in...hope you're all well.
Things are thawing out nicely here in the Yukon....shooting trap this weekend!

Anyway, my son wants to reload 30-30 bullets. Leverevolution or something like that....soft tip 30 cal. for use in a tubular magazine such as his Winchester rifle....

I've never reloaded 30-30...bought many a box of 30-30 ammo and love the gun....but never reloaded them. We load 30.06 / .308 and .270

I guess the trick is in seating the bullet exactly at the right spot? Because, I'm guessing here, you need to provide some crimping action? and that crimp has to go exactly on that "spot" (don't know what it's called)

Anybody out there reloading these things? Reloading 30-30? Any tips and or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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Re: reloading 30-30

ok then...

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Re: reloading 30-30

The spot is called the canlure sp and the soft tip or round nose bullits are all that you can use. If you reload for other cals then you know to work up your loads and never exeed recomended max loads.
Thats about all I can think of.

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Re: reloading 30-30

I have never reloaded the 30-30 but have the .348 Whenchester and have found out that you will also need to set you sizing die to resize them the full length of the case. A 30-30 lacks the camming action to close on an over sized case. And as was said seat the bullets to where you can crimp the case into the cannelure of the bullet. On of the best powders that recommended for it is Whinchester 748.

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Re: reloading 30-30

Sizing the full length would be small base dies. I have heard where they are not always needed, don't know. If I were to load for a cartridge like that I would go to small base just because it can't hurt! Onn the bullet's, I don't know if Hornady is offering them to reloaders now. Check the Hornday web site. If the leverlution is avaliable, in 30 cal, you can use it in a 30-30. That was the whole idea of the bullet in the first place. Now if I were doing it, I would load the standard round nose bullet's. But them I don't fix things that aren't broke!

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