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Reduction or Elimination?

When I was growing up they would stop the school bus if the driver saw a deer in a field. Since then times have changed. We now have a good herd in Indiana. But we also have large city's. The state parks are one of the places that these people go to see wildelife. I'am fortunet enough to have property close to two state parks. Since the DNR. started the reduction they have all but eliminated the deer in these areas. The herds are so small you are lucky to see a deer in these parks. They have been hunting them for three to five years. It's time to stop please.Before their are none left for anyone to enjoy.

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From what I have seen from a

From what I have seen from a quick online search, the deer herd in Indiana has grown considerably in the past 10 years and they now feel that there are too many. The number of car-deer accidents has increased and the insurance companies are lobbying to get the DNR to increase the harvest rates and harvest time as well. It is believed that if they encourage hunters to take more deer, and take them earlier in the season, it will reduce the number of car-deer collisions during the breeding season when deer are more active.

As you can imagine, the hunters have a different opinion. They are not seeing the deer in the woods like they used to and believe that the number of permits should not be increased.

It's hard to please everyone on this issue - or any other issue for that matter.


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I think it's always in a

I think it's always in a state of ebb and flow.

One decade, you will not see any deer.  Then, the population will boom, and they'll be everywhere.

So, they will start an elimination program, and get rid of most of the deer.  Before long though, once they stop the program, the numbers will be back up.

Indiana is just like alot of the other states.  They'll come back, don't worry.

On a side note, your first comment brings back alot of memories.  It was always fun as a kid to go driving just to look for deer.  I will be going back to Vermont in July, and I have already told my 4 year old son that we will go grab an ice cream, and then go for a ride to look for deer.  He's pretty excited.

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Big difference

I realize there's a big difference between whitetail and mule deer, but out here in the West, it's not unusual to go for a ten to twenty mile drive in the winter and see almost two hundred deer.  The muleys congregate into large herds and spend most of the winter together.  During the spring and summer, they thin out to herds of 5 to 20 in a group.  They stay that way most of the year.  Even during the October hunting season, you'll see herds that size running together, usually with two or three small (illegal) bucks and maybe one legal boy. (three points on one side to be legal)

Possibly one of the reasons we see so many mule deer is the wide open country they live in.  We can spot them from 500 to 1000 yards away, out in the fields foraging for food.  At this time of year, they are also much more lenient of humans in their comfort zone.  They'll stand by the side of the road and look at you while you stop and check them out.  And it isn't hard to spot a herd of deer on an open snow-covered hillside.

It's funny how we never get tired of looking at them.  I grab my camera any time some come into my yard here at home.  We have the smaller cousin of the mule deer here on the western side of Washington.  I have blacktail walking through my yard on a fairly regular basis.  I tell people they're coming into my yard to look at their cousins hanging on the wall in my trophy room.

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Wow Arrowflipper there must

Wow Arrowflipper there must be a huge difference between  our states as here In the Part of Colorado where I'm at it is unusual to see more than 6 deer together at any time of the year. The snow does push them all down to lower elevations but they still stay pretty spread out.

Most of the hay fields are gone now replaced by houses. Those are the only place you would see larger groups in the past. They were not all together but you could see over 20 in one field back then. Twenty years has brought a huge change in the Roaring fork Valley.

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a lot of deer here too

We have a problem here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Those of us who live here and actually get out in the woods, know that there are a lot of deer here.  Our GFP has been cutting the deer tags and increasing the number of mountain lion tags since a taxidermist and some road hunters told them that the mountain lions were decimating the deer and elk herds.  Only one of the GFP commissioners lives west of the Missouri River so they really don't know whats up.  When we moved here 7 years ago, the deer were so small and stunted that it took 3 deer to make a sandwich.  Then there were more than 10,000 deer tags for the Black Hills alone and you could get more than 1 doe tag up to 5 tags with the leftovers.  This past year there were a total of 4,800 tags and you were lucky if you got one tag.  That's why I'm getting into bow hunting.   Now that the mountain lions have started to come here, the herds have been healthier and we have seen more and more big deer.  I shot an 8 point buck last year that dressed out at 175 pounds(and that's a really good sized deer for this area)and saw 6 other bucks in the same area after I shot him and one was so big he made mine look small.  The hunters that don't get out in the woods and just drive around all day to try to shoot from their vehicles won't see many deer, but those of us who get in the woods see plenty.  But the GFP doesn't listen to the average citizen, just those with money.  We actually need more Black Hills tags to be issued and we have to wait and see how many tags will be issued this year.  But I know that I can get 1 buck tag and up to 4 doe tags for archery deer season so I'm going for the meat as soon as possible, and I'm going to try for 3-4 muzzleloader tags and West River tags too, just in case I don't get any Black Hills tag this year.

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i have property to hunt right

i have property to hunt right next to an urban park. it's a sweet little honey hole!

at the place where they have been "reducing" the herd, they've been killing does, and the buck hunting is just phenominal! they fight frequently and travel quite a bit. it's not unusual to see 4-5 nice bucks move through en-route to finding my doe estrous!

i wish you were having similar luck though. hopefully in another year or two the population levels out. i'd almost bet that due to the increased hunting pressure in the park, that the deer have left the area, but once they are sure the pressure has stopped, they will slowly return.


good luck on your spot. it's too bad that the over-harvest has hit you so hard, but as hunters, we're at the mercy of biologists.

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We difinitley do not hve this

We difinitley do not hve this problem in Iowa. I live in Eastern Iowa on the mississippi and deer are just about anywere you go.

My son and I go driving all the time through cemetaries and in town parks and 9 out of 10 times we do this we usually see deer.

My parents own about 3 acres of land that is in Davenport which  I usually put out a trail camera in the little bit of woods they have and it is just amazing the size of bucks and does that you see on camera. The best part about it is that they are kind of squeezed togeather being in town and you get tons of pictures. 

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It seems like the deer herd

It seems like the deer herd here in Ohio has been doing quite well for many years now. The parts of the state that has more deer the limit is more liberal. The parts of the state where the herd isn't as strong it is limited to one buck only. I live in East Central Ohio and have been able to take 6 deer per season now for the past few years. That includes one buck. People complained about it at first but it seems as though the herd has mainted around the same number for quite a few years now.

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