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This is a 14 day fully guided hunt in the World Famous Cadomin Mine area of Alberta. This is the zone where the Ministers tag is auctioned.

30 years experience
* Specializing in horseback hunts, well broke quiet horses
* Quads where applicable
* Comfortable tent camps
* Foothill and Mountain hunts, beautiful scenery with an abundance of trophy class game.
* Excellent food prepared by experienced wilderness cooks
* Airport service
* Trophy care
* Honesty & Ethics:
These hunts are horseback/tent camp hunts. Some are done out of our main camp, others are packed in remote fly camps. These hunts can be very physically challenging while some are fairly easy, mostly done on horseback. Good comfortable hiking boots that fit are a MUST. WE recommend you break new boots in beforehand. Rain gear & layers of clothing, wool or fleece is suggested. QUIET is the key. A good set of binoculars & a 60 power spotting scope is the norm. A fast flat shooting rifle is suggested ex: 270.-30-06- 7mm.
This hunt is normally priced at $18,500 plus trophy fee of $5,000.00. We have three tags available and are offering them at a price of $14,000 plus the trophy fee. ALL HUNTS COME WITH A FREE COMPLIMENTARY WOLF TAG.