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Red Fox Down......(Chicken Killer)

My son has been asking me to shoot a red fox every time I go hunting b/c one killed some of our chickens in the summer.  Everytime he hears a noise at night, thinks a fox is trying to come in and get him. 

Sat was the last day of PA buck - gun, so I brought my fox call (Kettle Creek Calls) and decided to sound it off.  I must have hit the right note b/c this red came flying in.  I was more excited to bring this red home to show my son than if I shot a big buck.....

Now the red is down, maybe I can get the buck in late season archery.....

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Nice looking fox you got there! We see way more coyotes here compared to fox when we are hunting. I do see fox, however more often when driving in more urban areas here in Tn. I think you'll have a fine pelt for your son to admire as well. Thumbs up

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Very nice!  Now you have to

Very nice!  Now you have to get that pelt fixed and hang it on your son's wall.

You can tell him that it will scare away all the other noise making foxes, cause they won't want to mess with his Dad... Wink

That's a beauty!  Congrats!

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Very nice!

They are beautiful creatures but they are natural born killers.

Well done.

It is cool that you will be able to set your son's mind at ease too.

After all, that's what dad's with guns are for!  Thumbs up

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I always use my whistle and my decoy for calling fox. Have you tried already like that?

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