Record Year for Kentucky Trophy Whitetail Bucks

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Record Year for Kentucky Trophy Whitetail Bucks

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Record year for kentucky trophy whitetail bucks/ Not

:( Granted their has been alot of really big bucks killed this year, are the long deer seasons and over killing of deer out of some county's worth it. I live in laurel county, in which i am shure that is one of many county's that has had its population of doe's killed since we have been able to hunt doe's with a rifle. The population of deer has went very low around my house. I have went from being able to let doe's and small bucks walk around my house to not seeing nothing. It should have been kept in mind that their is not a lot of deer in every county, or comunity. The deer i would let walk or maybe kill one for the freezer would be one of maybe the same ten or twelve deer in my hunting area's. It would do the deer good to shorten deer season to maybe oct. first for at least a few years its realy to hot to hunt in the first of sept. anyway.A deer could spoil before u could find it. A shorter deer season in Ky would also help grow the bigger bucks they say they are trying to do. Maybe its time the hunters start telling them what they want.