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Recommendations on Rifle for Hunting deer?

Hey Ladies and Gents:

I am looking to purchase a rifle to hunt deer in Texas. Any suggestions? I am thinking about going with a Winchester, but of course I will leave it to the pros to make recommendations. Thanks.

Sara Emami
Austin, TX

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Recommendations on Rifle for Hunting deer?


There are a lot of fine deer rifles out there and winchester makes some of them. Before we can give any good recommendations, we need to know a little bit more about how you hunt. Is the terrain open, thick, or little of both? Are you looking for an all around rifle i.e. do you plan to hunt other species or just deer? Do you have an idea on the caliber of rifle you want? I know it sound like I'm the one asking the questions here, but I want to be able to make the best recommendation I can for ya.

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Recommendations on Rifle for Hunting deer?

Hi Sara;
I see that you are a new member.welcome aboard.
Have you had any shooting experience ? If so what calibres. One way of helping choose a rifle is attend at a popular range and talk to a few shooters(when they have time). Most would welcome your questions, let you handle their firearm(s) and even let you fire a round or two.
We here at BGH can help you with anything and everything else. Big smile Big smile

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Recommendations on Rifle for Hunting deer?

Might also help to know how big you are. I'm guessing that Sara is a women but maybe not.

Even so, I can give you a starting place. You said deer in texas. The terrain is greatly varried there, from forest, to plains to mountains. But for something to start looking at, I just got a Winchester M70 featherweight. I believe you can get it in 260 Rem and 7mm-08. With good bullet's, they both will do whatever you want out past ranges you should be shooting. Never shot either but they are on the 308 Win case and recoil should be fairly mild.