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Limbsaver's are nice. Remington includes them on some of their 700 rifles as a rebranded "R3" pad.

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Put on a good decelerator pad and use a pillow to sight in with. I have had several shoulder seperations and finally went and bought a weatherby vanguard stainless in the 308. heavy rifle plus decelerator pad = much less felt recoil. Hornady light magmms = 3,000 FPS . Not quite the old Rugar M77 7 Rem Mag ballistiacaly, but no more getting kicked off the hill when sighting the darned thing in:--)

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THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG when you have a recoil problem with a a 30.06, regardless of bullit weight. Did you have solvent or gun oil in your barrel? Free Recoil with factory 06 loads in a 8.5 lb rifle are between 15-17 lbs(see my previous posts for scientific measurements of recoil energy) What make/model of rifle areyou using? Some of the older rifles have problems that could affect recoil and be simply modified by qualified gunsmith

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