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Recoil Shy

I have read here and on other sites occationally about people having problems with recoil. I have a very bad neck (cervical spine) and trying to shoot for any length of time does a number on me. It's not to much a problem rifle "hunting" as you dont shoot that much, hopefully just once. Thumbs up
Anyway, while reading through one of my NRA mags I saw an ad for something that might help, as opposed to just a better pad. It's called a "Compstock" and can be seen at http://www.knoxx.com. if interested. I noticed that they didn't carry anything for Browning rifles so I sent them off a quick email about it. I recieved a reply in about two hours, which is a record for me and any company communication.
Does anybody out there have any experience or knowledge about these? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.
Oh, and by the way, tha answer to my email said Browning is on the list and would be coming soon. (as well as others)

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Recoil Shy

I have put several on Dept. Shotguns for the recoil sensitve and smaller officers. They work great and cut recoil down a whole bunch. I think you'll be very happy with that product.

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Recoil Shy

No personal expierence with the products but can't think of anything negative that could exist.
I'd go for it if I were you Yes Yes

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