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Really dumb crook

Got this off another site:

In Washintgon state a crook walked into a store and fired a 22 target pistol in the air and announced his intention to rob the store. The store was a firearms store and to get inside he had to walk around a marked police car. Inside, the cop was at a counter drinking a cup of coffee. Also in the store were 9 people carring concelled weapons. The cop pulled out a 9mm, the guy behind the counter pulled out another, I thinkit was a 40 cal, and the other nine people pulled out their's. The would be robber recieved 23 wounds from seven different guns. Ain't life grand when your stupid!

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Really dumb crook

My question is, why the hell are they paying the cop to sit at the gunstore and drink coffee!?

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Really dumb crook

To stop the would be robber of course! lol

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