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Does anyone have some favourite hunting books? Not neccessarily "how-to" books, but any books they've read on hunting/outdoors that they really enjoyed.

I just read one by Russel Thornberry called "Bucks, Bulls and Belly-laughs". He guides for moose in N Alberta. Its a humourous collection of weird things he's seen or experienced as a hunter and guide. Also some stories about bone-headed things he's seen clients do. It was very entertaining.

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I've read a couple of books by Patrick F.McManus... This author writes about some of his personal experiences, with a twist of humor, surrounding a wide variety of topics. Many of his stories incorporate the outdoors, hunting, personal life at home, and the occasional childhood memory surrounding camping...

His writing style is similar to "Dave Barry" and equally as pleasing...

If you're interested, I would suggest starting with:

Patrick F. McManus: "How I Got This Way", "The Good Samaritan Strikes Again", "They Shoot Canoes, Don't They", or "Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs"...


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Have you ever read Robert Service?? He writes poems and ballads about all kinds of things not exactly hunting but there are a lot of them about the Yukon and and the wild west and even about war and some other places he had been. They're really funny and awesome I must say I'm not really a poetry person and neither is my dad but he really loves this guy. You must read The Ballad of the Ice Worm Cocktail it's in the Bar Room Ballads section but it's SO great and The Cremation of Sam McGee which is in The Spell of the Yukon part. You'll be ROTFLYAO!!!