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Reading the Hunting Tips

While reading the Hunting Tips today, I came across a tip that gave instructions for a PVC pipe game feeder.  The feeders that I use are similar, but much easier to build.  I use only a straight piece of 4" PVC pipe with a cap to keep rain from spoiling the corn.  The length is determined by how tall you want it, because you will have to fill it occaisonally.  The bottom of the pipe is cut on an angle (more angle means more corn) so the corn will spill out onto the ground.  I place my feeders on a flat rock just to keep it cleaner.  I bungee cord it to a tree and fill with corn.  The picture attached will give you an idea what they look like.  I used the wood pile as a natural ladder to fill this feeder.

It is illegal to use feeders in Maine during the hunting season.  I use them along with my trail cams while scouting and remove them before the season.  The one in the picture was used behind my house to try out the camera when I got it.  Where I live there is no hunting for deer, so using a camera is no problem 




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