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reading aerial and topographic maps

i have aerial and topo maps of my hunting area but what do i look for to find a good stand location. also funnels how do i see them

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reading aerial and topographic maps

The maps will help you access the area.
When you get in. You'll be looking for signs of game movement, feeding areas and territory claims.

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reading aerial and topographic maps

The photos are a good start but you need to spend some time on the ground in order to find the locations you are looking for.

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reading aerial and topographic maps


this is a good site to learn what the topo maps can tell you, i use arieals quite a bit, take them when you walk around, you will soon learn to tell where the swamps/hardwoods look like from the air, i use them here in florida alot, we have lots of pines, so i look for where the hardwood patches are, such as oaks. hope this helps. happy hunting

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