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Read First Before Posting - Rules for this forum

This will be the only area on the forums that ads of any kind will be allowed. Commercial and private listings are allowed.

This service for BGH forum members will be free, so the following rules must be followed, or your ad(s) will be deleted and your account suspended. You must be registered to post.

-All ads must be hunting, fishing or outdoors related.

-All items for sale must be legal in your state/province.

-One post per ad. No multiple postings, and no bumping to make your ad rise to the top of the list. You may post in all classified forums with different items for sale.

-If you post a link in your ad or signature, please post a link back to from your website.

BGH makes no guarantee that any seller is legitimate. It is the buyer's responsibility to verify all information listed here.

For more information about advertising on BGH, please visit this page: Advertising

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