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Up here there isn't too many

Up here there isn't too many rattle snakes, infact none where I hunt. But in centeral Oregon there are a few. Last year on our annual family camping trip we had one at the enterance to the rest rooms at the camp ground. I just went to the ranger station and let them deal with it. In the same area when I was a kid 13 or so I was hiking with some friends. I was about a 100 yards ahead of them so I stopped to wait. About 5 seconds later I heard a rattle, I looked down and about a foot away from me was a snake. I have never jumped so fast or far in my life. Now when I'm over there I always make sure to look down when I'm walking around. As far as snake boots, I have never owned a pair and probaly never will.

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I have hunted Texas several

I have hunted Texas several times, Arizona twice, many times in Wyoming,  quite a bit in Utah and of course about 25 years now here in Colorado.

Although I am always watching because I know they are out there I guess I have been lucky because I have never yet seen one.

I have seen a lot of scorpions and those are far scarier to me. No reason but them and spiders just give me the creeps.

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I've seen several small

I've seen several small prairie rattlers out in Wyoming over the years, but down in south Texas where I used to hunt there were a lot of Diamondbacks.   The biggest I ever shot was 64" long and had 13 rattles.  He would have made you pretty sick if he had got his fangs in you!!!

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Close Call

     Well, went scouting yesturday on the San Diego River and had my first close call with a Red Diomond Rattle Snake.

      Me and my girlfriend were boulder hopping our way up the river enjoying the day When I stopped looked at the next spot I was going to jump, looked clear so i  jumped. Well as soon as my right foot went thud on the rock i heard the most horrorfing sounds in the world, the hissing and rattling of the snake Eek! . I looked down while screaming and throwing myself towards the water, which was 3 feet deep. In panic mode I tryied to climb out onto another boulder like it was chasing me, which resulted in me falling back in the water. I am usually more obsevant than that but I was getting exsited frome all the different tracks I was noticing.

     Well After reading everyones post and my own experice I have decided to not ware snake boot HAHA. But I will definatly be more observant

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Nice, getting ready for

Nice, getting ready for turkey season?  I bet the river is flowing good right now.

Just curious, and not sure if you'd tell me anyway, but did you see any pig sign???? Wink


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I normally see 3-4 a day in

I normally see 3-4 a day in spring while trail riding my dirtbike.  I haven't seen any yet this year.  It's about time though, snakes and Gila Monsters usually spend a lot of time in the open in March in the lower deserts. 

They're not much of a threat in the riding boots and all the armor I wear on the bike, unless I manage to crash onto one. :lol:  The only close call last year was with one curled up under my left/rear truck tire.  I had loaded the bike, changed out of my gear into shorts and sandles without it making any noise.  When I closed the tailgate and started to walk around to the driver door all hell broke loose.  Now I look around the truck before I change out of my boots.

For whatever reason I don't run into them much when hunting.


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i've killed a 37" rattler in Wyoming. the only one i ever saw there. but never had problems with them.

once, in kansas, i was riding my wild born wyoming mustang mare and she started stomping for no reason under her front feet. to my amazement, she stepped on a 78 inch long king snake.

i have no proof of this, but i think she killed it on purpose! of course though, i'm pretty sure they're not venemous. but 78"! man that's going to make a heck of a hatband for my cowboy hat!

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I have never even seen a

I have never even seen a rattlesnake and although I have always wanted to I'm probably more fortunate that I have not. I have been to many states that have them but probably just the wrong time of year.


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don't see em

I hunt deer in an area that supports a fairly good rattlesnake population, but I have never seen one while hunting.  I've killed many during the summer months and have seen them in the early fall, but have never come across one during the October deer season.  That doesn't mean I won't someday.  And I can tell you this, I would never put my hands somewhere that I can't see.  I would guess that at least half the snakebites occur due to carelessness.

I went on a pig hunt in Mississippi a couple of years ago and did wear snake leggings.  I'm not a fan of the snakes they have in the South.  Here's the stupid part... I arrowed a pig and then got down on my hands and knees and crawled through some underbrush, following a blood trail.  My partner that lives in that area, asked me how much good I thought the leggings were doing on my hands?  Sure ended that little crawl through the bushes.

If I lived in an area that had active snakes during the hunting season, I would certainly invest in a good set of snake leggings.  Why take the risk when it's so easy to correct the situation?

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