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Rage boradheads in Quiver

How does anyone place rage expandable broadheads in a quiver without expanding.  I had one hell of a time still hunting with them Saturday.  $ out of the 5 broadheads had expanded in my quiver.


Maybe its time to go back to fixed blade or maybe "Swacker" style.

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I have never used expandable

I have never used expandable broad heads so I am no help there, but from reading on other forums you are not alone having problems with them in the quiver.  It appears that some have no problems with them while others have nothing but problems. 

I'll just stick with my fixed blades.  They have been doing the job now for over 40 years that I have been archery hunting as long as I do my part and I really see no need to change. 

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Well, I use Grim Reapers, and

Well, I use Grim Reapers, and I have not had a problem with them expanding in the quiver.  I just make sure to not push them in too far.

As long as the point is in there, then the main thing that holds the arrow in is the mid shaft clamp.  If that's secure, then I never have a problem.

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The only quiver I could get

The only quiver I could get them to stay in place was on my Octane quiver with the magnet hood, but then at that the tip would not attach to the magnet real weel so they would wiggle loose after a bit.  Someone make a Rage Quiver now but I have never tried it.  I only use my Rages on antelope now and then only from a blind, dont wanna be on a stalk and have one pop on ya while on the string.  They are a great lethal broadhead I just wish the did stay closed better.  I even tries some different styles of O Rings and it still did not help.

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