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Rage 40 KE for a 70 Lb bow

I shoot a 70 pound draw bow that with my 400+ gr arrow is hitting a Kinetic Energy of 82. Now with that said i was wondering if using these 1.5" broad heads with a shallower blade angle versus the 2" standard rage two blade would be a good idea as far as allowing for more penetration. My brother sent a standard two blade setup through an elks rib and just the tip of the ferrule was poking into the far shoulder. Now my question is would the 40 KE rage broad head maybe have the ability to penetrate through that same shoulder and poke out the other side making two holes for blood to fall out of. Two is always better than one. Granted the elk died very quickly and the one holed blood trail was good enough Stevie Wonder could have followed it. Sometimes even though something is not broke does not mean that it could not be better.

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Interesting question.  I

Interesting question.  I don't know, but your logic makes sense.  If the blade is designed for greater penetration at lower draw weights shouldnt you get even better penetration with a higher draw weight?  I think you should, but the only trade-off I can think of is what do you lose from the smaller cutting diameter. 

Is full pass through penetration with a 1.5 hole better than a 7/8ths penetration with a 2 inch hole?  It probably doesn't matter as either way the animal will be dead if you hit them right with either.