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Rabbit Decoy

I saw an episode of Tred Barta's show over a year ago where they were using a rabbit decoy that they had made. It actually didn't look anything like a rabbit but rather looked like a fuzzy lump. The main thing was that they could make it move because there was a string tied to it. They said that it was the ticket. Has anyone made anything like this and seen it increase their success.

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I love my home made rabbit decoy. I made this from my mother's old and torn coat. But the foxes lovin' it! Thumbs up

What is the best in usin' decoy? When a fox coming for my call, he don't watch the voice's source but the decoy, and I can get an easy shot. Big smile

Sometimes when I exposed my decoy to an open ground next to a bush or wood, the fox waiting across an hour for the evening when the darkness is enough, and only in the dark going to decoy. For example first time when I tried out.

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Actually anything that looks

Actually anything that looks like a small animal that a predator can get at, especially if you can give it some movement, is the way to go because it does divert their attetnion away from the shooter.  Their eyesite is phenominal and they will most off wok their way downwind, so it's best to have a setup where you can shoot them before they get where they can catch your scent.

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