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Questions On Hunting Gear Like Callers, Scents, Etc

I'm new to hunting and I just purchased the Flextone Bone Collector series Buck Collector caller and wonder have any one tried this caller? Also if can recommend an all in one caller what would it be?Any other hunting suggestions gear, tips, scents would be appreciated. I'm going the cheap way on clothes and not getting the scent lock so I need the either scent away, scent killer,  dead down wind, or something better type of detergent,body antiperspirant. For my long hair do I need something to wash it with to rid regular shampoo smell or just cover the scent? Or should I just buy a kit like Bone Collector Elimination kit that I think have it all? I'm just new to this and lost at the same time.
After that I'm thinking about sticking to my cousin type waffles and scent covers/ doe estrus in the woods. He said he uses something called earth? Or would it matter going with something else like acorn? Going with a different scent cover in the woods a good ideal especially if not far apart from each other, can the deer pick up on the two different scent?