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Question for the powers that be!

Gentlemen, my question is, why on earth was Texas not included in the Southwest forum instead of the South? It is true the the Southern tip of Texas is farther south than Florida, but the top end at Amarillo is only 90 miles from Colorado, and 20 miles from New Mexico, and west Texas at El Paso is only 5 miles from the south border of New Mexico, and only 90 miles from Arizona. El Paso  is closer to California than it is to Dallas, being only 150 miles from California, and 648 miles from Dallas, and 889 miles from the Eastern border, where it borders with what we in Texas call the SOUTH. 

    Texas has absolutely nothing in common with the South,culturally, or land type, but everything in common with the South West on both counts.  98% of Texas is ranch counrty, and four fiths of it is Sanoran desert/mountain  type land. With only the extreme East strip along the eastern border being heavy woods. The rest of Texas is the hill country, the south is Texas brush country, and west of the Brazos River is desert! 

     Just something that has puzzled me for some time, not that it matters to anyone except a Texan! Confused

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Utah and California are kind of in the same boat.

If you look at the geograghy and topograghy, Texas, Utah and California could all be split in some manner. 

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Maybe they didn't have a

Maybe they didn't have a globe? Who knows. It is what it is, I guess!

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Indeed we did look at a map!

Indeed we did look at a map! Texas is smack dab in the middle of the USA, and about as far south as you can get. The Florida Keys are just a tad further south. Brownsville TX is at latitude 25.90; Key West FL is at latitude 24.55. Texas actually goes a bit further south past Brownsville.

Actually the deciding factor was that ya'll talk more "southern" than normal - so our decision was made! Even in Amarillo, ya'll have the drawl! lol

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I had wondered the same

I had wondered the same question myself but I can say after several trips down there that if it's the drawl that was the deciding factor then you definately put it in the right place.Yes

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not texas too

becase we already got stuck with california being in our region we dont want texas too.....   although if i had to pic between the two id take texas over california.....lol

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Those poor Californicators

Those poor Californicators sure get ripped on every BB I visit, LOL!  Hey. at least they included Texas in the Forums.  I just watched a short clip on another Bb of the Best Of Jay Leno doing his jaywalking questions out on the sidewalks.  He asked a guy what countries border the USA and one guy said Australia!!!  Another was asked where the Great Wall of China was located and he didn't know!  Then he was asked where the Panama Canal was and he said China, LOL!!!

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Actually, I'm Surprised

I'm surprised that the folks from Texas don't want their own section. After all, they're the biggest state in the union, ain't they?

 Oh, that's right - that was before Alaska came on board.

 Didja hear the one about the guy who stopped by the restaurant window in Alaska and saw a sign that read, "Slice of pie - $2.00. Texas size - $1.00." 

 All kidding aside, Texas is a beautiful state. While I did NOT enjoy the 10 weeks I spent there while in the Army (stationed on an Air Force Base), I loved it a few years ago when my wife and I spent a week in San Antonio. We rented a car and drove through the hill country 3 different days, 3 different directions. Just beautiful!

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It's a lot like the

It's a lot like the joke what to do if you really want to tick off a Texan? 

Split Alaska in two and make Texas the third largest state.  Dancing

My only problem with Texas is that it is 99% privately owned and if you want to hunt down there you need to pay somebody for the access.  Now don't get me wrong they have some great hunting down there but it will cost you.  But then the fishing can't be beat.  But man does not live by fishing alone.   

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The Hill Country is beautiful

The Hill Country is beautiful and so different from the Brush country that it's hard to believe they aren't that far apart.  My Mom and Dad are in their mid and late 80s and have lived in San Antonio since 1971.  I'll be going down there in a few weeks for a visit and hope to get out a day or two to shoot a couple hogs and maybe a yote and turkey.  You are right in that for the most part you need to know someone with property, which I do, or pay the price to hunt.  You normally don't think of inland fishing in Texas, but some of the impoundments down there have fantastic fishing in them.

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Well heck, TCU is going to

Well heck, TCU is going to join the Big east after next season, so let's just move Texas to the Northeast forum.... lol

Just messing with ya.  I think it's a general idea that Texas is int he "South".

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