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Quebic Outfitter Question?

Has anyone used this outfitter in Canada to hunt Caribou?

Select Wilderness Adventures Inc.

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I do not know this outfitter

I do not know this outfitter but based on some recent problems with a caribou outfitter in Quecbec reported on another site and the recent news out of Labador (see the article on this site), I would make sure I thoroughly research the outfitter and make sure the contract is well written and clear about what happens if the season is cancelled.  In one case the outfitter went bankrupt and there is not much that you can do to protect yourself from that, but in another case the outfitter just cancelled the season because they were not seeing caribou.

On one hand, it is a good thing that the clients did not travel to Quebec to hunt when there were no caribou, but on the other hand, what happens to the deposit?  Do you get it back or is it applied to next seasons hunt?

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CVC brings up a great point. 

CVC brings up a great point.  Make sure to research your outfitter THOUROUGHLY.  I spent 24 years growing up 7 miles from Quebec, and always wanted to do a caribou hunt in Quebec.  Given some of the recent developments, I would be leery about doing it without proper research.


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any recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a GOOD outfit for caribou in Quebec?

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Give this a

Give this a try