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Pyrodex vs Triple 7 pellets

Is there any real difference in performance between these two brands of powder? I know there are loyal users of both but I never did figure out what it is based on. I have heard from different people that one burns cleaner than the other. Any real consensus out there guys? I'm kinda new at muzzleloading and currently shoot a CVA Accura .50 cal. with 245gr Powerbelts and 2 Pyrodex pellets. Thanks!

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I am also new to muzzeloading

I am also new to muzzeloading and I chose to use powder over pellets mainly to get the best amount of poder rather than being stuck with the pellet range. What I have learned is that the powder performs differently in every gun. I don't think you will find a consensus based on that alone. I really don't know if one is cleaner than the other but it seems that would be a matter of opinion anyhow.

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Yesterday we had a Hunter

Yesterday we had a Hunter Safety class and had the students shooting a muzzle loader among other guns. I was doing the muzzle loader station and using my KP1 muzzleloader. We shot three different powders: Triple Seven pellets, Triple Seven loose powder and Pyrodex.

Pyrodex is as bad as black powder for fouling the barrel! It required swabing after every shot!

The 777 pellets loaded easiest and only needed a patch run down the barrel about every fifth shot to keep loading effortless!  The 777 loose powder performed the same but was more time consuming to measure the charge.  We weren't shooting for accuracy and were using very reduced loads (some of the students are VERY small statured) but at fifty yards almost every student put the bullet into a 8" black target circle (from a sand bag rest).

Personally, I will never use Pyroex again. The newer powders like 777, White Hots and others are sooo much cleaner and less likely to crud up the gun.

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I use pyrodex - but readily admit others are easier to clean. Airline baggage regs being what they are I can't bring propellant with me when I travel so I have to buy it on arrival; and I want to shoot the same load in the field as I do at the range.


The Triple 7 is usually out-of-stock at the local sporting goods store by then, but they always have pyrodex.

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Thanks guys for all your

Thanks guys for all your input. 

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Keep in mind that triple 7 is

Keep in mind that triple 7 is a hotter powder than other black powder substitutes. If you would use a 150 grains of pyrodex I would only use maybe 120 or 130 grains of triple 7.

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