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Proposed Changes for Indiana 2011 Deer Hunting Rules...

Was checking out the changes indiana is wanting to make regarding deer hunting...some are..reconfiguring the traditional 16-day firearms and muzzleloader seasons to nine days each while adding new antlerless-only “seasons” – two days in October in designated counties, and eight days in late December statewide..they also thinking of changing the urban zone and the age of crossbow user.....

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Well, no matter what they do,

Well, no matter what they do, I'll bet there will be some hunters who are upset with the changes. Old traditions never die without a fight. I just checked to see what the current seasons are, and it would result in a total of 28 days of hunting as opposed to the current 32 days. That's bound to make some people unhappy. I wonder if they are trying to reduce the number of deer killed by reducing the season by 4 days.

I have heard that Indiana has some monster bucks in the northern counties, but not very much public land on which to hunt them.

Good luck to all who hunt Indiana this Fall.  Thumbs up