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Pronghorn Hunt GMU 87 - Warning

Well, my first Pronghorn rifle hunt was a success. All three of us ended up filling doe tags opening morning. 

But it was not without its draw backs. What would have otherwise been a pleasant hunt (wind, temp, etc - weather was perfect) - it was a clear Colorado day and the Rocky Mountains looked as sharp as I've ever seen them from that far out.

Sunrise comes and the sun begins to illuminate groups of pronghorn. All good, so far. As soon as shooting light hit the shots began to ring out.

One. After. Another. Way too close. Coming in at all different directions. Jesus. 

Felt like I was in a war zone. At one point I counted 8 trucks circled around a group of pronghorn set down in a privat meadow surrounded by public land. At another point a stalk was out on a group only to find out another group was stalking them from the other direction - rifles pointed to us as we crested the ridge line. 

To top it off, a whistler flew over our heads as we walked back to the truck after field dressing. We drove over the ridgeline to find a guy. Asked if he shot in that direction, Yes he did. Let him know that his round went over the ridge line. Reminded him of the "know your target and what is behind it" rule. 

The problem is the "hills" out there are tall enough to block views over the top, but not tall enough to stop skipping rounds missing their target, and not tall enough to stop stupid people from shooting at the horizon. Not sure if anything can be done about that. 

Long story short, it felt way too crowded in Pawnee for pronghorn hunt. Wont ever do that again. I can honestly say I felt like I was in danger at a few points during the hunt. Pawnee is an amazing place, but sadly is disrespected by recreational shooters, made unsafe by foolish hunters and others who do not understand gun safety. It makes me sad because I love to go out and spot/call in coyotes. I've seent he biggest white tail of my life out there. Even a few pairs of elk. Ring tailed cats. You name it. It's an interesting place, but it's mis-treated and I will not try to hunt during pronghorn season out there again. DOW issues too many tags for that unit. 

Sad. Sorry for the rant but needed to let others know. 

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