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Profile Tab for North American 29 and Species Grand Slams

The threads seem to be getting very congested with generic answers and posts by people in your contest.  Participation is fantastic and I would never want to discourage it.

Simply put, if each persons profile would allow them to check where they are in their North American 29 or Species Slams, and preferably show a picture of them with each animal, it may help show some validity to what they are putting on here.  They could still go wild with your contest, but those of us looking for relevant information can weed some of the crap out by seeing who has harvested and/or hunted what.

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profile question

How about using the photo galleries to post photos of your specific slams and or North American 29 and simply naming them accordingly? Those galleries would of course be available under your "gallery" tab.

Regardless of what people state on a public forum like this, all needs to be taken with a grain of salt, even with photo support.