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problem at the rifle range PLEASE HELP

I went and had my 7 mag w/Nikon Buckmaster 4-12x50 boresighted before i went to the range ,The guy told me that it will get me on the paper but i will have to fine tune it at 25 yds to officially zero it in so after 8 shots I put the crosshairs on the bullseye and i hit the BULLSEYE PERFECTLY so i said ok its time to put my target at 100 yds,so I did and i shot horribly I mean I was BARELY hitting the paper.I wasnt fatigued,in pain,distracted ANYTHING but i couldnt even hit the black of the target for the life of me let alone the bullseye,so i tried zeroing it in by aligning the target down the barrel by taking the bolt out and resetting my crosshairs and that didnt help either if ANYONE can offer advice please do I feel comfortable with my rifle it has some kick but im not afraid of it and my Nikon has a more than generous eye relief so im not worried about hitting myself I cant go deer hunting shooting like that

Also i was shooting at a downward angle if that helps the way the range is set up you hang the target on a netlike mesh but it was placed so low
I shot 32 shells all together today no windrift/crosswind and it seems like once out 100 yds they shot extremely high

winchester 150g powerpoints x 20
winchester 150g ballistic tips x 12

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problem at the rifle range PLEASE HELP

Look up the Ballistics for your ammo at http://www.winchester.com. Zero at 25yds is not the same as zero at 100yds or 200yds.

I would start over at 50 yds and make sure you're on the paper. Then move to 100yds and zero from there. Using the manufacturer's ballistic chart you can compute zero for different ranges based on a 100 yd zero.

Are you using a bench rest? If not it's imperative you get a good steady rest.

Also, if this is for hunting be sure each shot is fired from a clean, cold barrel. You'll be suprised how ballistics change once the barrel gets a little hot. I run a patch soaked w/ bore cleaner after each shot down the barrel and allow the barrel to cool to ambient temperature before taking the next shot.

Also, remember zero will change when you change ammo type/load. I would pick the ammo you're gonna use for hunting and zero with it and it alone.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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problem at the rifle range PLEASE HELP

Here's my process for sighting in:
Have rifle boresighted- the guy that does ours sets it up to be on the paper at 100yds

Adjust sight to 1-1/2 to 2 inches above dead zero at 100yds this puts my .270 in the vitals from 0-200 yds without holding high

Like wodat said check balistics for your gun and shoot your hunting ammo

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problem at the rifle range PLEASE HELP

absolutely sight it in at 100 yards. I usually leave mine dead on, but an inch to an inch and half high, so even out to 200 yards im still dead on.
I agree fine tune your rifle a click or two at a time, walk it in to the bulls eye slow.
After each turn on the scopes adjustment screw lightly tap the screw (2 or 3 times) with a dime or penny. After each shot, wait 10 to 15 minutes to let the barrel cool. Your first shot in the field will be with an ice cold barrel, so you need a cool barrel when zero-ing. If you shoot 8 or 10 times over an hour or more and your not dead on, I would pack up and come back again later. By then your barrel is way to warm. Remember your shot in the field could be the most important shot you ever made and you dont want to half azz it. Do it right.
This is the process I use and it has worked well. I like 3 shots I can cover with a quarter. good luck