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Problem with remington shot shells.

I bought a new box of Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel shot shells for my 12 gauge H&R Pardner shotgun.  I went on a depredation hunt for turkeys with it.  The gun has been reliable in the past for taking turkeys so I was confident in using it though I was a bit out gunned.  The first time I had a chance to shoot, all I heard was a click.  Thinking that the hammer of the gun was impeded by my glove or something, I reloaded the shell in the chamber with the same results.  I kept the shell out and tried another which fired.  To make a long story short, I tried a total of 5 shells in the gun and had 3 misfires for  failure rate of 60%.  These were new factory loads.  The 13 hunters what I was with all agreed that it was the shells since the dimples in all 5 shells were deep enough to fire the primers.  When I got home, I tried to find a way to contact Remington through their website.  After trying to find a way to contact them for 2 hours, I finally gave up.

My girlfiend tried to call their toll free number but they didn't give any option for her to talk to anyone or give her extention numbers for any sort of customer service. 

Has anyone else had these kind of problems with Remington products or services?  By making it so hard to contact them, does Remington have something to hide?  Is Remington getting like so many other companies that once they sell their product in gets to be "buyer beware"? 

It will be a long time before I consider buying any Remington products whether it be ammunition or a reliable firearm.  I don't think this is any way for a company like Remington to do business.

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IMHO Remington sucks after

IMHO Remington sucks after the way they have allowed their model 700 line of rifles with the defective triggers go out for decades with thousands of people reporting them going off without touching the trigger and over 20 people suing them over deaths because of it.  They finally changed the triggers in them in 2007, but still produce the cheap 770s with the lousy trigger and it's built into the gun so you can't even remove it to replace it with an aftermarket safe trigger!

Try calling the Ammunition Product Services Division at their Ammo Plant in Arkansas.  The phone number is 501-676-3161 to see if they will take care of your problem, since you're sure your firearm is not the culprit.

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I have many Remington

I have many Remington firearms and was always a loyal supporter until recently. I just don't feel that the build quality is the same as it was in the past after the last and most expensive one I have ever purchased.

Like you said I don't think that their commitment to the customer is the same as it used to be.

Btw the only other thing I have had cause that sort of problem was too much grease around the firing pin that thickened up on a cold day and slowed it down enough to not fire well.

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