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Prevent Tree Stand Fall & Reduce Tree Stand Thefts

I'm a recreational tree climber crossing over to your forum, because we share in a common concern - preventing falls from trees.

We use simple easy to learn rope techniques to navigate trees. After 20 years, there are no recorded falls in the recreational tree climbing community. I'm sure that some witty person will surmise that those climbers that fell never make it back to their PC's to report it. So be it. Humor aside, we have a good safety record and would like to discuss our rope techniques with this community.

This is our website http://www.treeclimbercoalition.org

One hunter figured out that he could reduce the chance of ladder theft by using these rope techniques. Climbing a ladder is easier, but being attached by a rope eliminates falls.

I will return to our tree climbing forum and start a topic about Preventing Falls From Trees.

I'll try to return here as well to address any questions.

Climb Safe

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Prevent Tree Stand Fall & Reduce Tree Stand Thefts

why thank you

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