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Preference Points vs. Bonus Points

For all of you who are interested in applying in Draws or Lotteries for Rocky Mountain Big Game tags. It'll try to explain the difference between Preference Points vs. Bonus Points.
In Utah, Bonus points are for LE, Premium hunts and Once in a Lifetime and Preference Points are for General hunts. Preference Points vs Bonus Points----Preference Points will give you preference over those with less points than you have and the ones with the most points will be guaranteed to draw before those with less points. When 100 people have the same amount of points and there is only 50 tags, they put their 100 names in the computer and it works like a lottery, 50 will draw a tag and 50 won't. The ones that don't draw will be awarded a point for next year, unless, like in Wyoming, you have to pay extra for a PP.
Bonus Points will give you another chance in the draw, for example if one person has 5 BP and another only has 1 BP, the person with 5 BP will get 5 chances and the person with 1 BP will only get one, so it is possible to draw your first year with the BP system and people with more BP's than them might not draw. In Utah, Maximum BP holders will get half of the tags for that LE, Premium Entry area or Once in a Lifetime and the other half of the tags go into the lottery for everyone who has applied to get a chance at.
Wyoming's draw works a little different, as 75% percent of the tags go to the top point holders and 25% of them are put into the lottery for everyone to get a chance at.
Colorado has PP's for everything but on Sheep, Goat and Moose after you receive 3 PP's you earn a weighted point and that will better your odds for the next draw. Even though every year people draw sheep, goat and moose tags in Colorado with no weighted points and people with 5-6 weighted points don't draw...so it's still the luck of the draw.

I hope that helps a little. If you have any more questions about the drawing process, fire away and I'll try to assist you.

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BP vs PP

Thanks Hiker for the explanation. I was always a little fuzzy on BP vs PP in Utah. After reading a little more this year I realized PP's weren't offered for the LE hunts. In NH, the moose draw uses a bonus point system so it is still possible to draw the first time you enter.

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Preference Points vs. Bonus Points

Good explanation, the calculus of western draws can be confusing. Thumbs up

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