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I am new to reloading and was wondering what is the best powder to use to reload for 300 win mag

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IMR 4831 and H 4831 was

IMR 4831 and H 4831 was always my powder of choice with the .300 Win Mag.  RE-19 would work well, and I've heard some guys say the IMR 4350 works.  I always used Magnum primers also b/c it's difficult to get consistent powder ignition when loading more than 60, 65 grains of powder.  Good luck and enjoy

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There is alot of good powders

There is alot of good powders out there to use.  The thing I have found is to pick a few that are ranked high for that caliber and then work up some loads from there.  The ones I would try would be IMR4350 and I am a Alliant powder fan so I would try the new RL-17 and RL-22.

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