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poundage raise k-energy?

i shoot a short draw of 25 an a half so im going to lose speed naturaly.speed is not main concern to me as shot placement. bow is set at 55 lbs an i only get around 232 fps but if i go up to the 60 max will my knetic energy go up? its only around 38.0 and i would like to get it up a little if i can. im sure i can bag like this at reasonable distance but a little more couldnt hurt.

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poundage raise k-energy?

I cannot caluclate your kinetic energy increase without the grain weight of your arrow. But, rest assured, if you increase your draw weight, you will certainly increase kinetic energy. The formula for calculating kinetic energy is arrow speed x arrow speed divided by 450,240. Then multiply that number by grain weight of arrow. I think I would shoot the heaviest arrow that I could while still maintaining resonable trajectory (2216, 2219, Beman Matrix 300). Watch out for arrow flight problems when increasing draw weight. An under spined arrow flies like a nuckle ball, even worse with a fixed blade broadhead on the front. I think it is wise not to be obsessed with speed. Speed does not kill; kinetic energy does. Good luck.

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poundage raise k-energy?

Just a suggestion.
If you can get your, properly spined, arrow weight (including broadhead) to 390gr @ 60# or 360gr @ 55#. You will have plenty of energy for hunting these 48.

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poundage raise k-energy?

the kinetic energy will deffinately be increased if you raise the poundage... also what will help for penetration is the cut on contact broadheads and Easton came out with new AXIS arrows that have a smaller diameter with thick walls and the insert inside the arrow, i am going to get some for my bow, i shoot bowtech tribute set @80 lbs... the only thing is that they are expensive @ around 100 a dozen, but although they are expensive they are among the best carbon you can get and extremely hard to break

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