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Posting pictures?

I have seen a few post lately where the pictures are part of the body and not something you have to click on to open.  Just wondering how this is dome as the picture quality is better?

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I believe some people have used outside photo hosting sites, like photobucket. Photos would need to be resized to fit properly within a post.

If you have access to your own web server, a person could store their own photos, and simply enter the HTML code for the photos they wish to post. Again, resizing would be necessary to make sure it fits within the post.

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Sounds good, thanks for the

Sounds good, thanks for the quick response.

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Just curious, I use that

Just curious, I use that method on other sites, with photobucket and imbed them in the post using [ img] tags.  However, that does not seem to work here.  Is the Html link different than the [ img] tags, if you are familiar with what I am asking????

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Heres how i got it to post large pics.

First resize your pic to 600 pixels  horizontal,

Next upload to photobucket

Now in photobucket you need to goto LINK OPTIONS and put a check in the box next to Direct Link For Layout Pages and click save.

Next Left click on the tag box under your photo you want to send to BGH Forum, then Right click the box again and click on COPY

Note: I use am using windows seven and have two windows open at the same time.

Now on your New Post click on the insert button which looks like a tree, and a new box will open and on the top line ware it want the ulr#   Left click in that box, then Right click in the box again and select PASTE. You now put in a direct link.

Then click on save or insert, i forget which one it is, and your pic. will automatically start downloading.

Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Thanks for the simple



Thanks for the simple instructions.  I like the pics in the post so i guess I'll have to get a photobucket account.  Appreciate the help.

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