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Post Rut Hunting Tactics

How do you (or do you) change your tactics now that the rut is over or soon to be over?

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Well, when I was still

Well, when I was still hunting back in Vermont, I would tend to focus on travel corridors around bedding areas during the rut.  if igured that the bucks would be shacked up with the does, and that's all they were mainly concerned with at the time.  They would run around looking for the next doe to breed, but I don't think they'd go too far. 

Once the rut is over, I believe it's all about food.  The bucks that have been running themselves ragged for the last few weeks, have lost a ton of weight.  Therefore, they will be hitting the food sources hard to replenish.

Of course, when the secondary rut sets in, you can shift back to the thicker stuff if it occurs in the area you hunt.

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I agree with Vermonster.

I agree with Vermonster.  Typically, post-rut is when the winter weather starts to come in and deer quickly switch from breeding mode to survival mode.  This means they stick to the food sources.  They will also tend to feed for longer or more frequent periods of time as browse becomes harder to find and harder to access.  While the secondary rut can have an affect, most of those does are still going to be grouped up and near food sources so that would still be a great place to be set up.

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when i hunt late rut i start

when i hunt late rut i start looking for a place to put a blind or tree stand looking over a large thicket or heavly wooded area's because thats when they start to become very skidish and like to be hidden so look for wooded areas and keep your eye's alert!

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I'm still wait'n on rut here

I'm still wait'n on rut here in Fla...But when it's over food and water source is what i focus on...

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Drive by's

when desperation sets in late in the season I will try to round up a few guys that I trust and we try to drive the thick stuff. We space it out really well to make sure we are doing it safely.


Not sure how many of you guys are Field and Stream subscribers but this months issue is all about late and post rut tactics. Great article.

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