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possibly new gun

I currently own a browning gold 3.5 for field hunting.. I have not been totally happy with it, and am thinking about selling it off and trying something else. I am trying to decide between a benelli super black eagle 2, 3.5 with a 24" barrel.. orrrrrr a beretta 391 xtrema 2. any thoughts about these guns?? Also how much should i ask for my gold, it is a stalker in very good condition, with a few handling marks. thank you

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possibly new gun

I'd probably go with the Benelli over the Beretta. Both are great guns; however the Benelli will be easier to clean (no gas blow back) and will possibly be more reliable. The down side is they kick harder, you can reduce the recoil by going comfort-tech.

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possibly new gun

I agree!

The Benelli SBE III is one sweet setup, but Beretta's Extrema II will have the lowest recoil of anything out there (thanks to it's Kick-off Recoil Reduction System).

Remington's new 105 CTi has a hydraulic fluid recoil system and now they're claiming it beats everything out there and is one smooth machine.

If I was buying another scattergun today, I'd probably lean towards the Extrema II.

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possibly new gun

GO with the Benelli !!!!