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Possible New Group: ASAP - American Sportsmen Against Poaching

Again, I will post this in the Elk section just because it is heavily read.

I have been thinking about this poaching thing for several days now.

I am considering at least looking into what it would take to start a non profit with a name like ASAP: American Sportsment Against Poaching.

The only real way we can make a difference in this cancer is with awareness campaigns directed at hunters themsleves.

This would require personal contributions (time and actual monetary donations) in order to get this started.

It will also require a website.

Once the ball gets rolling (IF the ball gets rolling) we could perhaps seek contributions from manufacturers of hunting related supplies.

Maybe the organization is something you join - like QDMA or NWTF... decals for the cars, membership flyers...etc.

This has to start at the grass roots...

Who is interested?



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I like the idea Jim, and I'd

I like the idea Jim, and I'd probably throw a decal on my truck, but I am wondering if there are not already some groups out there like this.

I know in California, they already support a tip line called Cal-Tip to call in and report poachers, 24/7.  I think alot of the states already offer something like this.

What would the goal of the organization be?  Just to get the word out about anti-poaching efforts, and give law abiding hunters a good name, or what?

Maybe brainstorm a little.  See what everyone elses ideas would be.

Good start though.  I like the name.....