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Possible Deer Limits in SC

Here is an article on an issue that has been stirring for quite some time now... a limit on deer (bucks) that can be taken in SC.

We have hunters that routinely take 10 - 12 or even more bucks per year in SC.

I would be in favor of rules that more closely follow GA - one buck of any type and then the following buck must be 4 points on one side - or some other type of regulation that is aimed at creating older bucks and / or limiting the total numbers of bucks taken.

When the herd goes from a million to 3/4 of a million - something is wrong.

I say BRAVO if this goes anywhere... but, beware... SC is VERY slow to change.

Traditions die slowly here, if they die at all...





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I too think that would be a

I too think that would be a good idea.  It looks like they may still be able to take some does, so the hunters will just have to balance out the meat with some doe.

Hopefully there will not be too much of a battle over this.  Like you said Jim, nobody likes change and are very slow to do it.

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what bucks

I know your season is long and bag limit liberal. Ours is as well, except that we limit ALL hunters to only 3 bucks. Like to eat venison year round? Fine, simply eat the meat from the fairer sex. 

In other words, I'd say something in favor of your bag staying the same, just a limit on the # of bucks taken is maybe what would help.

In my opinion, no one can say anyone is hurting their hunting if all they are doing is curtailing the collecting of antlers, not venison. Just a thought.....  Confused

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Before they changed the game

Before they changed the game zones, Sumter County was in zone 8. We had a limit of 5 bucks per year, 8 doe days (2 does per day) and you could buy 4 more tags. With a ratio of 4-5 does per buck is a few reasons why bucks don't get big, aggressive, or plentiful. That's 25 deer a year, however, there are a bunch of hunters that still believe they need to leave the does for breeding purposes. Personally I would rather shoot does than bucks. I have repeatedly failed to get those antlers soft enough to eat. I think its time in SC to put a limit on bucks-say, 3 bucks per year, 8 points or better. Get rid of doe days and sell 12 doe tags. That's 15 per year plus dropping the ratio closer to 2:1, and making for a healthier herd. Just my opinion.