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A positive and a negative

Idiots.  My dad just called me, he had seen a deer twice recently that stayed just out of full view.  None of his scrapes had been touched in a week and a half.  So he decided to go to where the other deer was missing him, since he had another stand back in further.  He said he was in the woods, and found 2 fresh scrapes.  He was excited, and gonna sit in that stand.

I told my buddy about it and hoped that I would get a call in the next couple of hours.  Well, 5 minutes later my phone rings.  I guess he got into his stand, stood up for a seond, and the stand pivoted, and he almost fell out.  Turns out someone had completely cut one rope, and had partially cut another.  Luckily he didn't fall.  He's not deterred though, as he's gonna sit on the ground near the stand.  I figure he'll get his retribution by shooting one tonight.......

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That stuff seems to happen.  Don't know why people just can't leave other hunters property alone.  I seem to be hearing about that a lot latley, lots of sabotage happening with tree stands.  Hope he gets his buck.  Luckily he didn't fall and hurt himself.

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i say contact a state

i say contact a state legislator and the game and fish division to see if legislation can't be introduced to make it a felony crime if it isn't already.  And, I report it to the police.  Someone attempted to sabotage the stand to inflict injury or death.  If that isn't a crime it should be.